VsEcg User Guide (V1.0)

1.0 About VsEcg

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the major death cause of the world and ECG is the basic tool for CVD’s prediction and prevention. However, to have an convinient and accurate ECG monitoring is not easy job. Because of that, VitalSigns(https://www.vsigntek.com) create the VsEcg for users who have no background on software or ECG. VsEcg makes ECG monitoring and ECG data acquisition easy. 

VsEcg is a free software for real-time ECG monitoring and related vital siganl management and is about to solve the ECG signal procerss and communication problem for specialists who has no experience on software programming.

Users just only have to download the tool from internet and connect to the devices with VS-ECG protocol and be able to do the diagnosis, long-term patient monitoring or AI diagnosis. Researchers around the world in medial, computer-science and AI machine learning utlize VsEcg to do the data collection, real-time patient status monitoring.

VsEcg is free software and it supports mutiple OS platform such as windows, linux and mac os. It has almost every function you need for your ECG service or research. The functions are listed below:

  • BLE connection to Vs-ECG devices
  • Serial port connection to VS-ECG devices
  • Real-time ECG data recording
  • ECG chart display
  • Alarm for vital signals
  • HRV data display and recording
  • Body surface temperature display and recording
  • Activity data display and recording
  • ECG device configuration

1.1 VsEcg Installation

VsEcg is a free software and supports it supports the following OS platforms:

  • macOS (intel / M1)
  • ubuntu (20.04+)

Please download the tool from the websote https://github.com/juangjl/vs-ecg/tree/main/tools

or you can use git tools to get the whole project down


1.1.1 macOS Installation

VsEcg is based on the VS-ECG protocol and it needs the gtk library to be installed in your mac machine.

It is suggested to use homebrew to install the gtk library.

You will need the following packages installed in your machine:

(1) homebrew – tools for download gtk and git

(2) gtk – the image library of VsEcg

(3) git – download the VsEcg from github


You can use the followin instruction to install the listed packages.

$ /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/HEAD/install.sh)"
$ brew install gtk+3
$ brew install git

Please make sure your MacOS CPU version is either INTEL or M1.  Click your  and find “About This Mac” and check the CPU type of your Mac.

if your Mac is M1, please issue the following commands to download and isntall the VsEcg.

$ git clone https://github.com/juangjl/vs-ecg.git
$ cd vs-ecg/tools/macM1_VsEcg
$ ./install.sh

After installation, please opn your Application view and now, you can find the VsEcg has successfully installed in your mac machine

Click the icon to open VsEcg application.

Otherwise, if it is INTEL, please issue the following commands. Its version is macOS_VsEcg and the rest steps to execute the application is the same as the mac M1 version.

$ git clone https://github.com/juangjl/vs-ecg.git
$ cd vs-ecg/tools/macOS_VsEcg
$ ./install.sh
VsEcg Application User Guide
  1. About VsEcg Application
  2. Ecg Device Preparation